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Building a Sustainable Future

Bringing the abandoned back to life

Revitalization Is What We Do

Ezekiel Exploration Is Here To Lead Quality Oil Drilling Projects

What We Do

We are an all inclusive contract partner for your well plan design, service list schedule, completions scheduling and execution, and production organization and delivery. We offer regulatory support from land negotiation, leasing structure, and permitting.


From the pad layout to your first petroleum and gas delivery, we will be there with boots on the ground until the job is finished.


We are the first to step on-site, and the last ones to leave.

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In each place that we operate, there exists wells which at one time were promising and valuable assets to the owner.


Over time these wells became marginally productive and/or abandoned due to ownership transition or market environment.


Our focus on enhancement includes deepening those positions horizontally in order to revitalize the asset and reintroduce value to the well.


Our team has proven this process to be effective and profitable. Along with our own company's positions we assist clients in order to assess and improve their assets as well.


Please contact us if you are interested in this model.

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About Our Company

We are a Faith based Operations and Consulting Group, and we are solidly built on that premise. Our projects are driven by Faith, our expertise comes from His Wisdom, and our returns come from His Grace. 

Our main targets are the improvement and deepening projects of existing positions. We consult, design, lead, and operate for your mission. 


Initially established as my first consulting firm in 2016, we have branched out into consulting for every process from well planning, regulatory, the upstream process, and all the way through the delivery of your first barrel of oil. Ezekiel Exploration was officially organized in 2019. The capacity of our team is impressive, although none of this is possible without your vision and mission. 


We are open to working alongside partners who share our vision to explore and to share in ministry in this industry. Despite the tough nature of this business, it deserves the same salvation we are all afforded. We successfully satisfy our investment partners, contractors, service providers and employees through our revenue stream and contractor fees.

We are a for-profit company, however, our projects yield revenue that also supports our veteran and single family home charity ventures. We are honored to be able to sponsor 4 veterans who are starting businesses and 4 single family homes that are in emergency need each year. This is His work and we are blessed to get to be part of it.


It takes a special courage to pray and stay faithful in this industry. 


Let us lead your next project, and let us work together to glorify Him through this industry. 


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed


Professional Employees


Business Partners

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Matthew Skinner

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

We are a unique oil & gas exploration group.


We rescue abandoned, orphaned, marginal, and low volume producing wells by horizontally deepening and improving existing positions without the need for expensive exploration.


We have the advantage of analyzing all log data, geology, and research previously compiled. Proven with 63 successfully executed well positions in

3 major North American Oil & Gas plays.

We are tasked with the mission of applying our gifts and talents prescribed to us all. We must be good stewards of the mineral resources we have been provided. We also have the task of sharing the Word as it is written. By and through this, we can glorify our Creator and work diligently to provide for our families and our associates.

We are servants, and are blessed to be able to serve in this industry. 

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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


  • Well planning

  • Regulatory, forecasting, compliance

  • Negotiation of service


  • Pad prep

  • Staking, site layout

  • Positioning


  • Drilling Operations

  • Completions Execution

  • Production Design


  • Petroleum Separation

  • Liquid Metering

  • Market Distribution

Our Team

Together we are building for Christ and Our Country

Strategic Relationships

We believe each relationship is a long term partnership

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